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Zhejiang Haizhimen Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd, established in August, 2003, is a non-state-run corporate enterprise set up by Taizhou Jiaxin Textile Co,, Ltd and Xianju Jiale Chemical Fiber Textile Co., Ltd. together, and it is specialized in rubber V belt and framework material for fiber pipe—series products of gumming polyester thread rope.

Located in Taizhou, a beautiful coastal city along East Sea, next to Yong-tai-wen high speedway, Ningbo port and Huangyan airport, the company enjoys convenient traffic conditions. Early, the industry began in 1991, and it mainly specialized in industrial sewing thread, polyester yarn for pipeline, T/C yarn and darning yarn. In 2003, our company developed rubber V belt framework material—series product of gumming polyester thread rope to take place of the domestic traditional cord thread structure, accelerate the change of V belts and further develop to make the sales network cover the whole domestic market and have certain shares in the international market. Up to now the production capacity of polyester thread rope has been beyond 4000T, and we have set up the important production base of rubber framework material inour country.

Always sticking to the development of talent and products, our company accumulates technical elites in the line. With complete quality management system and advancedtesting measures, and taking polyester thread rope and T/C spinning products as itsbase, it is researching and developing new framework material and advanced gummingfiber products to meet the changing demands of rubber pipelines. In 2006, the technical development department of our company was formally appraised and set up as “Taizhou Municipal Enterprise Technical Center”.

With the rapid development of our enterprise, the staff of Haizhimen, with the sincerest and the most active enthusiasm, will provide the best-quality products and the most valuable service to vast rubber pipeline users.
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